Powl's Feed Service Inc.

Powl's Feed Cattle Feeds

We provide a wide range of standard mixes as well as producing custom feeds to fit your individual needs.

Dairy Feeds
16% Dairy Complete- Standard feed designed for lactating dairy cows,  average feeding rate is 3lbs for every 10lbs of milk.

Heifer Feeds

14% Heifer Feed- Designed to be fed to heifers over the age of six months. 

Show Heifer Pellet- Designed to increase animals stature and to help keep the animal lean.  Feeding rate 4-8lbs
Show Heifer Feed- Meal feed designed to increase an animals stature and help keep them lean.  Feeding rate 4-8lbs

40% Heifer NPN- High protein concentrate to be fed at 1-2lbs per day 

38% Heifer w/ Rumensin- High protein concentrate with rumensin fed at a 1-2lbs per day

Dry Cow Feeds
Dry Cow Pellets Complete- Provides all vitamins and trace mineral requirements for dry cow maintenance and the  production of a healthy calf. 4-5lbs feeding rate
Dry Cow Pellets Protein- High protein concentrate designed to be fed with another grain product.  2lbs per day feeding rate
Next Generation Close Up-​ Cation Anion pellet designed to be fed to cattle consuming high potassium forages.  Feeding rate is 8lbs.
Springer Feed- Designed to be fed with low hay diets.  12lb feeding rate.

Calf  Feeds

Jump Start- Designed to be fed from birth to weening at an up to 6lb feeding rate. Contains Rumensin for the prevention of Coccidiosis

Calf Grower- Fed to calf's 2-8 months of age at a 4-6lb feeding rate.  Will be fed after a starter feed. Contains Rumensin for the prevention of Coccidiosis.

All-in-One Calf- Designed to be fed from birth to 6 months of age.  Feeding rate  of up to 6lbs. Contains Rumensin for the prevention of Coccidiosis.

​16% Non Medicated Krunch- Non medicated calf feed designed to be fed from 2-8months of age at a 4-6lb feeding rate.

​Milk Replacers

4th Day Milk Replacer- Non-medicated all milk supplement that is 20% protein and 20% fat

Calf Power Milk Replacer- All milk Niacin medicated milk replacer to be fed at age 7-14 days during bouts of scours and pneumonia.  20%Protein and 24% fat.  Should not be fed to bull calves and has a four week milk withdrawal

PC Milk Replacer- All milk milk replacer with bovatec and FOS.  Designed to prevent coccidiosis.  20% Protein and 24% Fat.

Many of the above feeds can be customized with additives including Rumensin, Bovatec, CTC, and Clarifly when ordered in Bulk.