Powl's Feed Service Inc.

Powl's Feed Chicken Feeds

Chick-En-Egg Mixer Concentrate-Protein concentrate for all level of growth and production meant to be mixed with corn.

Fast Grow- An all natural crumble made for the first 8 weeks of a chickens life

Poultry Developer-An all natural crumble made for weeks 9-16 for laying birds or to end of life for meat birds.  If developing a layer see PC Layer Feed Options below.

Organic Layer Feed-  Fully organic complete feed for peak laying performance

Oyster Shells- A calcium additive used as a supplement to aid in shell quality

PC Layer Chicken Feed- A mash feed formulated for optimal performance in laying hens

PC Layer Pellet w/Omega's- An optimized layer feed using flax seeds that helps to raise the omega levels in eggs.

Scratch Feed-A supplemental grain for free range chickens, perfect for your average back yard flock.

Turkey Starter Feed- Feed formulated for the early developmental stages of a turkey

Chicken Supplies 

Powl's also provides a variety of chicken supplies ranging anywhere from egg cartons to incubators, feeders, waterers,  and heated floor mats.  Call for more information or if you have any questions.

Fast Grow and Poultry Developer are Hubbard Products follow link for more information


For information on backyard Biosecurity and more advanced forms follow the link below