Powl's Feed Service Inc.

Powl's Feed Pet Foods and Supplies

Cat Food and Supplies

Cat Stars 18lbs

Cat Stars 40lbs

Everclean Cat Litter 25/40lbs

Cat Tails Cat Litter

Litter Box's and Liners

Dog Food and Supplies

Black Gold Dog Food 50lbs

Happy Hound Dog Food 40lbs

Maintenance Dog 40lbs

Puppy Super Blend 40lbs

SportMix Large Dog Biscuits 4lb

SportMix Medium Dog Biscuits 4lb

Sport Mix Puppy Treats 2 or 4 lb bags

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Food

Rabbit Pellets 25lbs

Rabbit Pellets 50lbs

Guinea Pig Pellets 50lbs

Bird Seed

Pigeon Feed PC12 50lbs

Pigeon Grit 50lbs

Wild Bird Mix 25lbs

Wild Bird Mix 50lbs

Sunflower Seed 100% Oil 25lbs

Sunflower Seed 100% Oil 50lbs

Sunflower Seed Striped 25lbs

​Sunflower Seed Striped 50lbs

We also provide a variety of care items including but not limited to food and water dishes, worming/flea/tick medications, collars, leads, toys and treats.