Powl's Feed Service Inc.

Powl's Goat and Sheep Feeds

PC Show Lamb w/Bovatec

Sheep/Goat/Lamb/Finisher Feed

The following feeds are provided to us by an associate plant Hubbard Feeds please follow the link at the bottom for more information.

Goat Feeds

​Goat Starter/Grower
Goat Finisher for Meat Goats
Goat Lactator & Dry Goat for Dairy Goats
Goat Mineral for Meat & Dairy Goats
Goat Supplement for Meat & Dairy Goats
Multi-Species Milk Replacer

Sheep Feeds

Lamb Grower & Finisher Feeds
37% Sheep Supplement & Conditioner Feeds
Sheep Mineral
Multi-Species Milk Replacer
Lamb Starter Feeds